NetArt: Indices of media combinations

Thomas Dreher

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The indices describe forms of works in a way that it is possible to characterize net projects in the list Lessons in NetArt and in the list Tips with one index. If one index can´t satisfy then several indices are used for the characterization of projects. The possibility to introduce new indices is not excluded. This procedure allows to take into consideration the openness of Intermedia Art for new combinations via the integration of new functions and media (as well as for intermediate forms via recombinations) and allows to take care of this kind of openness in the case of NetArt, too.


- (AK): Additive combinations of net external and net internal activities.

- (AL): Programs for the creation of artificial surroundings with embedded elements which operate like living beings ("Artificial Life").

- (AN): Net representations of activities which are net external and relevant for art ("Art on the Net").

- (AS): Systems to download which contain programs for the net navigation and/or the transformation of collected webpage dates but which possess neither archival systems nor browser functions.

- (AT): Atavars (virtual actors).

- (BA): Browsers to download ("Browser Art").

- (CP): Programs, whose functions can´t be stopped and which interrupt other functions.

- (DS): Data systems with data research and data evaluations, f. e. polls and their statistics.

- (ED): One file system containing only one file for the access of users (plus dependent files).

- (ES): Systems for the e-mail communication of many users with each other (and with net conditions).

- (FN): New and uncommon forms of connectivity.

- (GS): Game Software.

- (IS): Information systems which follow specific criteria to combine given web sites and web pages with links and / or with archival systems.

- (KB): Systems for collaborative picture production with or without archival systems.

- (KS): Combinations of net external and net internal activities which constitute communication systems.

- (ND): Net design in different contexts and self presentations of designers and experts on typography.

- (TP): Text based projectc: Texts with or without embedded illustrations, short films and soundfiles and with website internal and external links (Hyperfictions).

- (TR): Telepresence via webcams for the navigation of robots.

- (TT): Telepresence-projects for real time navigation of distant parts which renounce to use webcams.

- (TV): Telepresence with a virtual parallel world for the navigation of robots.

- (TW): Telepresence with webcams.

- (VA): Virtual architecture simulates three dimensional objects in static or kinetic phases and must not follow the criteria of material realization.

- (PA): Systems offer possibilities for unusual, data transforming accesses to external web pages with archival systems Systeme which allowed downloads of the transformed web pages ("Parasite Art").


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