Lessons in NetArt

Thomas Dreher

auf Deutsch



Since 1999 the Lessons in NetArt introduce to examples of the possibilities of artistic creativity in the internet. They appear in irregular intervals.


The Tips refer to actual projects. They are presented and discussed in a scarce form. Commented short tips introduce further interesting projects.


The section Theory contains contributions and discussion forums concerning problems of NetArt and its wider context. Fundamental problems of NetArt are presented in NetArt: Einführung (in german) as a part of the history of Intermedia Art. "NetArt: Einführung" is written as an introduction to problems which the readers find in the "Lessons" and the "Tips".


Links refer to platforms and texts on NetArt. Further links present platforms, portals, mailing lists and newsgroups with actual informations on NetArt, net conditions, activism, databases for Intermedia Art and book reviews in "IASLonline Rezensionen".

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