Lessons in NetArt

Thomas Dreher

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The list of lessons contains titles of net projects in brackets which are important for artists or artists´ groups and allow the use of all functions (instead of documents of former functions). Then follow indices which designate combinations of media and functions.
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"Lessons in NetArt" has introduced users since 1999 to the possibilities of artistic creativity on the Internet. "Lessons in NetArt" appears in irregular intervals, and has been available in English translation since August 2003.

The lessons usually deal with websites of artists and artists´ groups. One or more net projects have been in function and reacted to operations of users (or allowed interactions between users and/or participants in a part of the project) when the lesson was published.

Additional projects are discussed as a background to actual net projects without regard if they are acccessible only in a documentation version with downloads of contributions of participants (closed for further participations) or if only a description of the concept is available. CD-ROMS and reactive installations are taken into consideration if they are relevant to our discussion of the strategies of an artist or an artists´ group and her/his/their way to use multi- and intermedia.

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