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Consciousness and Communication

Leitung:Oliver Jahraus

Peter Fuchs
Autopoiesis, Microdiversity, Interaction

It is suggested in this essay to understand the concept of the Autopoiesis, borrowed by sociological systems theory from biology, as a pure concept of time. The (unobservable) time of nature is distinguished of the time of meaning-processing systems like concious or social systems. This meaning-time is the time of the supplement or the différance (Derrida). By this conscious and social systems are taken out of the field of Cartesisian rhetoric. Consequently such systems can be understood neither as subjects nor as objects. Perhaps it is meaningful to give them the name "Unjekte". On this background it becomes clear that systems can be seen as "conditioned Co-production" (Spencer-Brown) and that therefore a polyvalent logic will become necessary capable to analyse polycontextural situations. For instance the problem of social order is discussed as the problem of the difference between mikrodiversity and structure.

Prof. Dr. Peter Fuchs
Hauptstraße 53
D - 23858 Groß Wesenberg

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